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Packing boxes

Do not overfill boxes. Make sure that your boxes are heavy enough to be carried without strain. Avoid injures on the moving day.




We offer local moving services and a full array of services to residents and businesses within the Tri-state area. Our staff is professional, hardworking, polite and friendly.
If you are moving out of state American Power Moving would be more than happy to assist you in finding the proper transportation for your move. That could be a moving rental truck, moving trailer rental, or moving container.In addition to offering the lowest moving quotes without sacrificing quality, our drivers and movers are experienced in the logistics of moving and can overcome any challenge they may face along the journey.

Writing A Search Motor Friendly Article

Writing A Search Engine Pleasant Article

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American Power Moving offers white glove services to all the customers regardless of the size or the type of your move.  We have very competitive pricing and a great services.  A lot of freebies come with your move.  Always on time and polite crews that have at least 5 years of moving experience. We offer local and long distance services for both residential and commercial moves.

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I used American Power Moving twice already, once for my house and once for my business. Mike and his crew are very professional, reliable and kind. The guys arrived 6 in the morning, very energetic and ready to work. The guys packed everything very carefully and I have a lot of fragile stuff for my business. The price was very affordable and the service was amazing.

Thank you American Power Moving

Jenny S.